Claudia Robles-Angel

Brutalism and Electronic Music #2

Lecture Performance
Sat., 2 April 2022
6:30 - 8 p.m. (with intermission)
Community Hall Versöhnungskirche
Maximilian-Kolbe-Platz 18

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Claudia Robles-Angel followed up directly on Roman Zheleyznak's Lecture Performance, sharing both a selection of compositions and her thoughts on electroacoustic music and brutalist architecture with the audience on site and online.

Claudia Robles-Angel put together the selected electroacoustic compositions in a live concert in the context of her Nomades series at the Versöhnungskirche in Ratingen-West, accompanied by a multilingual commentary. The short history of the district is thus brought into a music-historical and architectural-historical context.

With pieces by Pierre Schaeffer, Iannis Xenakis, Ricardo Dal Farra, Gilles Gobeil, Christine Groult, Mesias Maiguashca, Dirk Reith, Ana Maria Romano, Karl-Heinz Blomann and Claudia Robles-Angel.

Photos: Alexander Zheleznyak